Financial AID


At VEENY University, it is our mission to provide highly affordable education through state-of-the-art means. Our fee structure is designed in such a way that you can study without any financial burden. In order to further facilitate our students in this direction, we have devised certain financing methods that allows individuals to study without the hassle of worrying about their tuition fee. With the help of our scholarship program, credit transfer policy, fee payment options and employer tuition reimbursement programs you can get a substantial reduction in your fees. By utilizing these options, you can reduce your total fees up to a great deal.

Tuition Fee

Being a student-driven university, it our prime objective to provide premium quality education in the most economical manner to the students worldwide. The fee structure for degree and diploma programs at VEENY University is such that it makes education far more affordable.


Credit Transfer

The courses that you may have taken at another institution matching VEU’s standards can be exempted when you transfer your credits to James Harding. This basically helps you in two ways; saving you from the hassle of taken those courses again and ascertaining that your pocket is not needlessly overtaxed.


Fee Payment Options

VEENY offers great convenience and ease when it comes to fee payments. There are two options for fee payment to best suit your needs.