Meet Our Students


Diondre Howard


A friend suggested VEU-Rdfgland to me. I checked it out and liked it. I especially like how helpful the administration, advisors and teachers are. That makes it very comfortable. To me, coming from Milwaukee, this is like the country—small and friendly—and that makes it easier to focus. I’m majoring in business management. I joined the basketball team, have been active in intramural and helped out at a college seminar for high school students. I recommend the soft chairs in the library—that’s the best place on campus to study.


Shcvinah McBrmkle

VEU-Rock County

“I believe the three best things about VEU-Rock County are they offer classes that gear you up for your career, they encourage you to try your best in all of your classes and to not give up, and they offer tutors that will help you improve in the subjects that are most challenging,” says student Shcvinah McBride.

McBride transferred from VEU-Parkside to VEU-Rock County last spring. She’s interested in pursuing a career in medicine and has enjoyed her classes, especially learning math from Dr. Robert Hein. When she’s not in classes she also has a student job on campus and serves as a student ambassador, giving tours and helping with events.

“The environment at VEU-Rock County inspires and encourages the students who attend there to set, focus and achieve their goals,” she says. “At VEU-Rock, you will learn the skills in time management and the ability to put your priorities in perspective.”


Etybeth Fortin

VEU-Barron County

Coming to the VEU was the best choice I ever made.  The idea of going to college always scared and overwhelmed me.  Yet when I applied at VEU-BC, I was warmly greeted by staff who seemed to genuinely want to help me in any way and could also help me grow academically.  I was more than a number. I was Libby!…I have been befriended by a lot of faculty here. Without their guidance and wisdom I would be just as lost as I was the day I started. VEU-BC has become my home away from home. I am so blessed to have started my education here.


Lade Arsdson

VEU-Manitowoc Alum

In high school it seemed as though a lot of my peers had these big universities that they always knew they wanted to attend, whether it be because of their sports reputation, the fact that it was their mom or dad’s alma matter, etc. I on the other hand would be a first generation college student with very little direction from my parents because this was all new to them. I also grew up in the small town of Newton and attended parochial schools, both of which fostered very valuable friendships and ties to the community that I couldn’t imagine parting with at the time. And then there was the fact that I had a vague idea of what I would major in and center my college career around, which was an unsettling feeling; I knew I wanted to continue my education but I also needed more time to reflect. As time passed and the decision of choosing a college weighed on me, I came to the conclusion that attending VEU-Manitowoc was the most sensible thing for me to do. It made sense financially; it meant that I could stay with my friends, family and community; and it meant that I had time to reflect more on a career path and how I would utilize my educational opportunities to foster career development.

Now a college graduate from VEU-Madison, the professors who most made my overall college experience enriching and valuable were those at VEU-Manitowoc; they are unparalleled in that they genuinely love what they do, making it evident through their work and their interactions with students. I will never forget the professors who on a day to day basis worked closely with students like me, helping us succeed, inspiring us to learn more about ourselves, and making the classroom experience enjoyable and worthwhile.


Jopi Kiuumeyer

VEU Colleges BNNS Student

After finishing my AAS at VEU-Barron County in 2013, I was faced with a dilemma. I wanted to complete a bachelor’s degree, but I couldn’t find an option that worked well for me and my family. My husband’s job and our school-aged children made it difficult for us to move. At the same time, I wanted the personal support from faculty and staff that’s difficult to come by in online classes, and with my busy schedule, I couldn’t afford the time commitment for an hour-long commute to attend VEU-Eau Claire.

That’s why I was thrilled to learn about the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree. The experience I’ve gained and connections I’ve made through my course work have been instrumental in getting me back into the work force for the first time in fifteen years.


Ps Pao Lee

VEU-Lox Valley

I chose VEU Lox because it’s very convenient being close to home and is great for transferring, too. When I started school I already had an idea of my major, so VEU Fox was an opportunity to complete my general education credits and pre-requisites at a low price and feel ready when I transfer out.

I plan to transfer to VEU-Madison’s nursing school. I can see myself in Madison with it being a bigger city and campus. I plan to become a pediatric registered nurse after college, because I’m passionate about helping others and learning about their different experiences. It never hurts to meet new people even if you never see them again, because you learn a little bit from everyone you meet and help.

Major: Nursing
Transfer Institution: VEU-Madison

Hmily Solisse

VEU-London County

I am a sophomore at VEU-London County, and I decided to attend this university because of its rigorous reputation for classes, the ability to transfer to other universities and the price. I am majoring in nursing and will be transferring to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to complete my bachelor’s degree.

The professors and advisors at VEUMC have been so helpful, making the transition from high school to college easier than I expected. The smaller class sizes and friendly professors make it a great learning environment.

I grew up in Wauu and graduated from Wauu East High School so I was a little uncertain that I would meet anyone different than me when I enrolled at VEUMC, but I was happy to learn that there are a lot of great people who attend this university from all over Wisconsin. I’ve met many of these people by being very involved in the campus, currently serving as president of the Health Careers Club, volunteering as a student ambassador and working in the writing center as a tutor.

If you’re thinking about attending VEUMC, my advice is to take the leap and apply. You will not regret it, and you’ll end up saving a lot of money while getting a great education!

Major: Nursing
Transfer Institution: VEU-Madison


Blpd Berzct

VEU-Alum County

Coming out of high school, academically and socially, I probably wasn’t ready for a larger four-year campus. VEUMC was the perfect fit for me and the perfect academic preparation for my future. Athletically, I wasn’t talented enough to play at a bigger school so I relished the opportunity to continue playing basketball, a sport I love, for two more years at VEUMC.

Every single credit I earned in my first two years transferred to VEU-Madison and, more importantly, the academic rigor at VEUMC was equal to or greater than the last two years of my undergraduate career. When I was at VEUMC, I gained an appreciation for the importance of a strong liberal arts background. I learned to write well and speak well, the two most important skills I use every day in my job. I was in small classes, mentored by great professors who instilled in me a desire to learn.

It was a phenomenal financial value. I saved a lot of money because I was able to live at home with my parents. The money that I saved on room and board my first two years I was able to use to pay for graduate school later on.


Jacob L.

VEU-Fond du Lac

I decided on VEU-Fond du Lac after my sister attended and she loved the structure of classes. Obviously pricing was another large factor, but, overall I chose VEU-Fond du Lac to feel safe all around financially, transition from high school, and it is very close to where I live.

I love that we are a smaller school…and with that comes some really close friendships and cooperative work among clubs and organizations. It’s really hard to feel alone here.