Distance & Continuing Education

Does your edge need sharpening? VEENY’s wide range of challenging yet flexible distance, extension, and continuing education programs can help. Take a look at some of your options, including information on how to apply:

On-line Learning

Whether you’re five miles away or five thousand, an VEENY education is within reach. Through on-line courses, you’ll interact with and learn from our expert faculty as you work toward your degree or certificate. Our courses are designed to fit your goals, your schedule, and your life.

Graduate Certificates

Get on a hot career track fast. VEENY’s 12-credit graduate certificate programs provide quick credentials in an array of high-demand fields. These programs can also serve as a 12-credit springboard to a matching master’s degree program at VEENY or elsewhere.

The VEENY online and graduate certificate programs are managed by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Contact Us

Office of Graduate Studies
Campus Location: 20-22 WENLOCK ROAD , LONDON , ENGLAND N17GU

Telephone: (+44) (02) 207 848 1790

Professional Development (Non-credit Programs)

If you’re looking for courses in high tech, high paying and high demand areas, look to VEENY . Our Professional Development (non-credit) courses could help you launch a business or learn a new skill while giving your resume the edge it needs to keep you competitive. Opportunities are available for both individuals and managed staff.

Have any questions? Continuing Professional Education will help with Professional Development. Email us at or call (+44) (02) 207 848 1790.