Cost of living in London for students

In addition to your university tuition fees, your living costs will vary depending on your lifestyle in London and your choice of accommodation.

How Much Money Do I Need?

UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) requires you to have a budget of at least £1,265 per month to study in London (in addition to your tuition fees). In order to apply for a Tier 4 visa, you will need to show that you have £1,265 for each month of your course, up to a maximum of nine months. This means that if you will be studying in London for a course lasting nine months or more, the maximum amount that you will need is £11,385.

The cost of student accommodation can vary greatly depending on the type of accommodation you choose and the location. Read more about student accommodation in London

The government estimates that, in addition to your accommodation costs, you will need approximately £104 per week for living costs, but this will vary depending on how much you socialist.

Calculate your costs using the student budget calculator.

London Life is Cheaper Than You Think

Did you know? London was voted the most cost-effective city in the UK for students.

With so many part-time jobs available, you can support your studies and enjoy London life while you study. Plus you’ll have great work experience to add to your CV.

Money Saving Tips for Students in London

London is Great Value for Students

Don’t forget, by studying in London you are investing in your future and you will: